Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thought #3: A Game

I dare you all to go to Gives Me Hope and see how many pages you read without tearing up. My personal best is three. Can you beat it?

Alternatively, you can go to FMyLife and see how many pages you can read without cracking up. My best for FML is... a solid 3/4 of a page. Can you spell 'schadenfreude?' I doubt it.

Thought #4

Earlier today.

Sarah: Sometimes I have the transient thought that Mom and Dad don't love us three. Ha ha ha. Isn't that crazy?
Sarah's much-younger sister: Aww, don't worry about it, Sarah. They love us. They only hate you.

...owned. By an eleven-year-old. Actually, I'm kind of proud of her snarkiness. She's all grown up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thought #2

I'm pretty sure I'm the worst vegetarian in the world. I buy leather products, I think PETA is creepy, I support gun hunting, and I sing along to the Hillshire Farms "Go Meat!" commercial.

(On the upside, I sent out 14--count 'em--14 query letters today. BAM.)

Thought #5

A tendency to see all one's worst traits in a changing room mirror seems to be universal among my female friends. Still, shopping stays popular.

So this is what we've become:

I also tell people about my dreams. And psychoanalyze them. Oh, the humanity.

So. In a small attempt to make my life less boring, I'm going to start updating. The updates won't be good. But they'll be there. I'm thinking of doing a thought of the day kind of thing, and maybe Miri will pop in every now and then with a quality update. We'll see.

For today: I think tiny houses are awesome. Who wouldn't want to live here?